Candle Light Offerings 供灯

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Light Offerings

Candle Light Offerings 供灯

It is said in the Sutra of Arya Maitreya: “Those who offer 1,000 lights will be reborn when Maitreya Buddha shows the deed of gaining enlightenment and receive his first Dharma Teaching.” One will also receives great enjoyment wealth, achieves clairvoyance, will possess infinite wisdoms, reborn in the deva or human realms and quickly become liberated and enlightened.

A candle light prayer wheel is turned by the heat of a candle. The light that comes from the prayer wheel purifies negative karmas, obscurations and sufferings and prevents harms from spirits and diseases of any living beings who touches it.

The candle light offerings can also be offered on behalf of the deceased.

{圣弥勒经}记载 :“供千盏灯者到弥勒示现成道时,当生为其眷属,并闻佛初转法轮”。其人也将具有广大福报,获净天眼,智慧增长,往生天人道并迅速修成证悟。



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