Padmasambhava And Jangwa Puja 2011

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Even before the break of dawn, the cacophony of the ‘bub’ cymbals in unison with the beat of the drum and chanting resounded across the gompa of Rinchen Jamseng Ling (RJL), Pahang, Malaysia.  It is the 3rd annual 100,000 Bum Tsog offerings to Guru Rinpoche to be held in succession in this very special Precious Land of Bodhichitta, as RJL is commonly known in Tibetan.

The 100,000 Bum Tsog offerings to Guru Rinpoche is traditionally performed to invoke the blessings of Guru Rinpoche and the entourage of Dharma protectors, dakas and dakinis, landlords, nagas, divine beings, landlords, etc as a means to remove inner, outer and the secret obstacles to the practice of the Buddha Dharma and any obstacles affecting the pursuit of mundane worldly happiness. It is with these aspirations that 120 participants gathered in this holy place to offer the 100,000 tsog offerings to Guru Rinpoche and his entourage. Lama Zopa Rinpoche said RJL should conduct this 100,000 tsog offerings to Guru Rinpoche on an annual basis as 100,000 tsog offering to Guru Rinpoche performed in RJL has a special significance and potency unlike when performed anywhere else in the world.

According to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, RJL is unlike any other place in the world as it has special energetic qualities that are conducive for gaining bodhichitta realizations. The late Geshe Lama Konchog himself was said to have remarked that enlightenment will be achieved in this very special place and that one day, he would like to come back to this special place to teach and meditate!

Geshe Tenzin Zopa, resident teacher of Losang Dragpa Center in Malaysia, in leading this retreat, also mentioned that RJL is a holy place and it is Rinpoche’s heartfelt wish for RJL to be developed into a Buddhist parkland or a ‘Buddhist Disneyland’ so that it may benefit as many sentient beings as possible. Rinpoche gave further advice that RJL should quickly commission and receive 1,000 life size statues of the Buddhas of this fortunate eon to be enshrined across the 17 hectares of land in RJL and for a monastic order for both monks and nuns to be established in the longer term.

Of immediate importance, according to Rinpoche’s observation is the hastened need for a 14 feet Namthose statue to be installed in RJL to clear obstacles to the development of RJL. To underline the urgency and importance of this project, Rinpoche himself has contributed a sum of monies for the Namthose statue. It is also Rinpoche’s wish that a 17 storey high statue of the Medicine Buddha will be welcomed eventually, sitting majestically and overlooking the rolling green hills in RJL.


Footnote: The Puja was successfully completed on the 31st July which was attended by a record 120 retreater   from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand,