Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup Rigsel (1941 – 2011)

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Published on September 08, 2011 with

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing away of Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup Rigsel around 11.10pm at Kopan Monastery last night. RJL will conduct three pujas today for Rinpoche (10:30 am, 3 pm and 6 pm) and subsequently every day at 6 pm for a week.

Ven Roger reports: “At that time all the monks and Lama Zopa Rinpoche were doing Heruka Lama Chopa puja for Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup. Lama Zopa Rinpoche is requesting all the FPMT centers and students to please do Medicine Buddha puja (extensive, middle length or brief – whatever can be managed). At this time Lama Lhundrup is meditating peacefully in his room. ”

May the merits of our dedication be the cause for Khen Rinpoche’s swift reincarnation to benefit countless sentient beings as vast as space.


Ven. Roger知会:“在这段期间,所有的僧众将与梭巴仁波切一起为看仁波切进行胜乐金刚上师荟供。喇嘛梭巴仁波切也要求所有FPMT的中心与学员做药师佛法会(仪轨正文或简轨 – 任何方便的方式)。在这个时候,堪仁波切在房间里进入禅定入灭。

希望各位佛友回向一切的功德, 祈愿仁波切能早日乘愿再来. 利乐一切有情众生