Lam Rim Teachings: Liberation In The Palm Of Your Hand and Great Lam Rim in Chinese (Every Wednesday) 8:00pm 菩提道次第班 (掌中解脱和广论)

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Venerable Yeshe Kandro 益思法师

Venerable Yeshe Kandro is conducting a series of Lam Rim teachings based on Pabongka Rinpoche’s Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand and Great Lam Rim in Chinese. Venerable Yeshe Kandro is from Hong Kong being over twenty years student of Lama Zopa Rinpoche. She was once a director at New Zealand FPMT centre, Dorje Chang Institute for eight years. Over the years she has done a number of retreats in India, Canada and New Zealand.

2014 Schedule

Liberation In The Palm Of Your Hand & Great Lam Rim. The ominiscient mind of the Buddha is very vast and profound and it cannot be comprehended in one life time. The teachings on The Stages To The Path Of Enlightenment presented in this text encompass the essence of the Buddha’s 84,000 teachings. This teachings is based on the Mahayana oral transmission of the two paths; the profound and extensive paths. All the Buddha’s teachings is included in this presentation in a very structured manner. It emphasizes the practical experience gain from the teachings. These teachings are also available for distribution via MP3. Please contact us for further details.

Venue: Triang’s Old Folks Home Sang Riang
Time: Wednesday  8:00 – 9:30 pm
Contact: 012 2492550


菩提道次第論書(掌中解脫和广论): 佛教的思想體系博大精深, 許多人硏習一生難入奧秘,「菩提道次弟」乃佛說八萬四千法藴的心要, 由凡夫到成佛的唯一途径.

佛法深奥广泛, 皆属成佛之法,但一般人难以将经论的义理融会贯通,安排为修行的次第. 阿提沙尊者为了使西藏的修行者能循序渐进修学佛法, 了解大小乘显密通贯一体的道理, 而造菩堤道灯论一书, 菩提道次弟之名由此而来.


地點 :直涼三娘善心老人院
日期 :逢星期三
詳情請聯絡夲中心:電話 0122492550