Kuan Yin Retreat – 30th May – 5th July 2015 观音闭关 2015

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Mani Retreat (30th May – 28th June 2015)


Nyung Nye Retreat (4th – 5th July)


Attention: Due to the earthquake in Nepal resulting in thousands of death and incalculable sufferings, we will dedicate our this year Kuan Yin retreat for all beings effected by the earthquake and those who have passed away.

RJL is pleased to announce that our Kuan Yin (Chenrezig) Retreat is coming up in the Saka Dawa month of June 2015!

This is a two in one retreat – Mani Retreat and Nyung Nye.

The MANI recitation retreat can be done by correspondence from your own home with the only commitment being to recite at least one mala of “Om Mani Padme Hung” every day for the duration of the retreat. You are also most welcome to join us for our Sunday Mani group recitation sessions at RJL.

All participants will have their names send to Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche for blessings and dedication. Participants who have completed multiple of 110,000 mani mantras can have chose names engraved on a plaque next to a beautiful Tara statue (ie. 220,000 mani mantras recited will qualify for two names).

Complementing this month long Chenrezig practice is the NYUNG NAY retreat. The Nyung Nay retreat is a beautiful 2-day Kriya Tantra retreat, combining Chenrezig prayers with fasting and purification practices.

Please Note: Registration is required for both Mani and Nyung Nye retreat.



六字明咒课颂 。
所有11000持诵次数的参与者名字都会呈交给上师梭巴仁波的祝福和加持,已完成110000大明咒的参与者,可以把名字刻上一尊庄严度母圣像 的牌匾上 (即220000六字大明咒语的持诵可刻上两个人名字)