Chinese (Cantonese) Lam Rim Meditation Retreat 菩提道次第禅修闭关 (15 & 16 April 2017)

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With Ven Yeshe Khandro

Saturday, Sunday 15 & 16 April 2017

The Buddha’s teachings are vast and one will not be able to study and practice the entire teachings within one life time, without clear and step-by-step instructions. The Lam Rim contains the condensed 84,000 teachings of the Buddha, laying out the stages of the path to liberation and enlightenment.

Our resident sangha, Venerable Yeshe Khandro will for the first time, conduct the Chinese (Cantonese) Lam Rim retreat at RJL, where there will be teachings and meditation on them. Such a Chinese-Cantonese Lam Rim retreat is rare and almost unheard of elsewhere – therefore it is a golden opportunity for you or family members to hear and contemplate on the precious teachings in the language that you are most familiar with!

Venue :Rinchen Jangsem Ling, Triang

Date :Saturday, Sunday 15 & 16 April 2017

Time :Retreat begins on Sat 15 at 10 am and
concludes at 4 pm on Sun 16 April

Language: Chinese – Cantonese

Course Fee (including meals): By donation

Accommodation: Limited accommodation available

Attire: Casual

Registration: Compulsory

Registration Deadline: 7th April 2017

Contact for Registration and Enquiries: 012-2492550

Note: There will be an optional taking of the 8 Mahayana Precepts on the Sunday, 16th April 2017






地点: 珍宝觉心林






服装:参加者请穿着轻便的衣服 (例如:运动衣)