Naga Puja at RJL (2nd July 2017)

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Naga Puja at RJL
2nd July 2017

Nagas mostly live in the depths of water such as rivers, lakes and they control the weather, especially rain There are many different types nagas, some of them can be very powerful. Nagas can greatly affect the areas in which they reside. If we respect the environment, the nagas will be pleased and will look after it well.  On the other hand, they can become angry and upset if we pollute and harm it which result in sicknesses and natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones and drought.

The Buddha taught many methods for pacifying the nagas and repairing the harm inflicted on them such as skin diseases, depletion of life force energy and other obstacles. One such method is the offering of naga puja, which will appease them and restore good relations with them.

Some Of The Benefits Of Performing The Naga Puja

1)  Obstacles and sickness like skin disease will be eliminated and one will have good health and wealth

2)  Merits and confidence will improve

3)  One will always meet good friends and masters

4)  Accomplish one’s practice;

5)  Bring happiness, peace and harmony for the family and country.

6)  One will enjoy fine weather in the region with sufficient rainfall, good harvest,

The practices of offering charity to spirits, nagas and pretas are often recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche – both for the benefit of the practitioner and for the benefit of the beings to which the practices are dedicated.

How to Participate:

  1. Dedicate the puja towards your love ones (RM 10 per name)
  2. Personally performing the offering of 25 Torma Pills, Goat Milk and Naga Incense (Rm 50 per name)

If you are not able to attend the puja we can perform the offering (item 2) on your behalf.

Please indicate your preference by email together with the dedication names. You may also register your interest and pay directly at LDC office.