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    Lam Rim Retreat With Geshe Tenzin Zopa 与格西天新梳巴相約在道次第闭关 (30th Nov, 1st, 2nd December 2018)

                Friday(星期五)   30/11/18 10:00 am – :  Sunday(星期日) 2/12/18  1:00 pm Last Date For Registration: 26 / 11 / 2018 Registration Website: https://mailchi.mp/1db7e3c7155c/october-enews Three days of Retreat in the Land of Bodhicitta! Leave daily distractions behind and re-energise yourself with Words of Wisdom。在这三天的闭关里,且将自己安置在这一块菩提心之地,并卸下平日生活的烦忧,让佛陀的智慧盈满你的心! Lama Atisha Dipamkara lived from 982 to 1040 compiled [...]

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    Khen Rinpoche Geshe Chonyi At RJL 与堪仁波切格西图敦措尼相約在珍宝觉心林

    Khen Rinpoche Geshe Chonyi At RJL与堪仁波切格西图敦措尼相約在珍宝觉心林2nd September: 7:30pm Chabdu Puja 洁涤法会      For long Life and removing obstacles related to health消灾延寿摧破金剛洁涤法会3rd September: 10am Wealth Vase Consecration Puja宝瓶开光法会      You may bring your personal items to be blessed by Rinpoche 可携帶自身的物品來接受仁波切加持.

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    Medicine Buddha Healing Retreat With Khenrinpoche Geshe Chonyi (26-27 August 2017)

    26 August at 10:00am – 27 August at 4:00pm RJL is happy to announce that Khenrinpoche Geshe Chonyi will be leading a weekend of Medicine Buddha Healing Retreat at RJL.The program will include a Chabdu Puja (very powerful purification), Medicine Buddha Healing meditation and mantra recitation, walking meditation and circumbulation around holy objects as well as [...]

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    June 2017

  • Nyung-Nay

    Nyung Nay Retreat (29-30th July 2017)

    Nyung Nay Retreat 29-30th July 2017 Last date of Registration: Friday 21 July (Limited Space!) Rinchen Jangsem Ling (RJL) & Losang Dragpa Centre (LDC) are pleased to jointly announce that the ever-popular Nyung Nay retreat is coming up very soon! Take a break from the mundane distractions of daily life and do something completely meaningful [...]

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    Naga Puja at RJL (2nd July 2017)

    Naga Puja at RJL 2nd July 2017 Nagas mostly live in the depths of water such as rivers, lakes and they control the weather, especially rain There are many different types nagas, some of them can be very powerful. Nagas can greatly affect the areas in which they reside. If we respect the environment, the [...]

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    Lam Rim Retreat With Geshe Tenzin Zopa 与格西天新梳巴相約在道次第闭关

      Lam Rim Retreat With Geshe Tenzin Zopa与格西天新梳巴相約在道次第闭关 8th – 9th October Rinchen Jangsem Ling is delighted to announce that our inaugural Lam Rim retreat with Geshe Tenzin Zopa will be held on 8th – 9th October 2016! This will be an annual retreat based on Lama Atisha’s, “Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment”, a [...]

  • Ratnasambhava

    Sanghata Sutra Retreat

    SANGHATA SUTRA RETREAT  僧伽吒經閉関 亲爱的佛友们:2015年的4月份,我们将举办一项非常殊胜的闭关。这项閉関活動歡迎大众参加。 日期                     星期六至星期日(25-26/10/2015)请大家踊跃出席。 注意                     1)星期五 25/10/2015  05:30 am(闭关开始) 2)星期日 26/10/2015 3:00 pm 报名截止日期    23/10/2015/2015   5:00 pm (闭关结束) 联络电话            012-2492550, 011-10866612 注意:你可以参与所有时段,或者是选择参于一个时段。 僧伽吒經的利益 : 讀誦這部經得以消除苦的種子,帶來未來多生多世長遠的果報,並保障誦經者獲得直到成佛的安樂。凡是聽聞此經者,臨命终時諸佛會現身來幫助他們。凡是此経所安立之處,諸佛恆在,因此,讀誦此經能夠加持誦經之處。 閉関詳情 :八关斋戒 (可选择)35佛拜懺 一組诵僧伽吒經/一組抄寫僧伽吒經 [...]

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    Nyung Nay (Chenrezig Retreat) Year End Retreat

     NYUNG NYE RETREAT 4-5 July 2015 (Saturday, Sunday) Venue: RJL, Bukit Emas, Triang COST: Members: RM 135  (RM 75 + RM 60 for Offerings) Non-Members: Rm 150 (RM 90 + RM 60 for Offerings)   REGISTRATION METHOD: 1. Losang Dragpa Centre 2. Email RJL: jangsemling@gmail.com 3. RJL Phone: 012-2492550 The much-loved Nyung Nay is a [...]

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    Happy Chinese New Year 新年伊始!!

      Happy Chinese And Losar New Year 2015 !! Chinese New Year and New Prayer Flags At Rinchen Jangsem Ling (RJL) 珍宝觉心林挂祈福经文旗 在吉祥的新年期间挂上经 每一年,你都可以在夲中心换上文旗,可以利益众生,和众生结缘,为家人朋友祈福。The raising of prayer flags on Chinese and Tibetan Losar New Year is one of many spiritual activities you can engage in for benefiting yourself, family and friends during the coming year. [...]