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  • Holiness the Dalai Lama

    His Holiness The Dalai Lama 第十四世达赖喇嘛尊者 

    Download: The Nature Of The Mind (PDF) The Meaning Of Compassion (PDF) His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is both the head of state and the spiritual leader of Tibet. He was born on 6 July 1935, to a farming family, in a small hamlet located in Taktser, Amdo, northeastern Tibet.  At the [...]

  • LamaZopa

    Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche 喇嘛梭巴仁波切

    Download: Difference Between Merit And Purification (PDF) The Real Bodhitcitta Practice (PDF) Lama Zopa Rinpoche is one of the most internationally renowned masters of Tibetan Buddhism, working and teaching ceaselessly on almost every continent. He is the spiritual director and co-founder of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), an international network [...]

  • Khen Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup

    Khen Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup

    Geshe Lhundrup Rigsel was born in Tibet in 1941, to a poor peasant family. He joined Sera Monastery while still a boy, and in 1959 fled from the Chinese invasion to India. In Buxa, the refugee camp in Northern India where many of the monks were sent by the Indian government, he met Lama Yeshe [...]

  • Dagri-Rinpoche2

    Dagri Rinpoche 帕立仁波切

    Kyabje Dagri Rinpoche (Thupten Lundrup Tenpey Gyaltsen) is the 5th reincarnation of Dagri Kyenchen Gyatso Thaye, a highly respected great yogi, enlightened scholar and emanation of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri. Coming from a long and illustrious lineage of reincarnations, Dagri Rinpoche is the reincarnation of Lama Serlingpa, the holder of the supreme lineage teachings on Bodhicitta, [...]

  • Geshe Tenzin Zopa

    Geshe Tenzin Zopa 格西天津梭巴

    Tenzin Zopa was born in 1975 in the Tsum Valley in Nepal, near where his future teacher Geshe Lama Konchog lived in an isolated mountain cave. His parents and family were simple, nomadic farmers. Geshe Lama Konchog attended Zopa’s birth, and turned him to prevent a breach birth. After a period of opposition from his [...]