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    Kuan Yin and Jambhala Project 观音与白宝藏佛计划

    Our statue maker from Vietnam recently sent us the latest modification to the Kuan Yin statue. 佛像承造者所寄来,最新修饰完整的观音圣像照片。 Notice any difference? The aura has been given a ‘touch up’ to increase the height and its width. The statues are now ready to be shipped at the earliest 20th April and will arrive at Port Klang two [...]

  • Road Widening

    Road Widening 道路扩展

    The road leading to RJL has now been completed. RJL would like to thank Five Star Plantation, Mr. Ang and Ming for their support in bringing this new ‘highway’ to completion. The new road enables large vehicles to ascend the steep hill of RJL easily. 通往觉心林的道路提升工程经已完成。觉心林非常感谢 Five star Plantation Sdn Bhd, Mr.Ang, 阿明给予热诚的帮助

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    Kuan Yin Statue 观音圣像

    The magnificient 25 feet high Kuan Yin and Jambhala iconic statues made of white marble are surrounded by a fountain in a beautifully landscaped garden. The statues is the source of merits and inspirations for visitors deepening their karmic connection with the Buddha of Compassion. 一座宏伟庄严的云石观音圣像即将建立于觉心林的庭园里。观音立于水池中央,前面则是一尊六尺高的白宝藏佛。这座观音圣像将是来访者造福报的来源,视本身与观世音菩萨之间的宿愿。 Please download the Donation/Sponsorship form here for donation or [...]